Download Game The Evil Within Complete Edition

Hi BRO, this time I will share genre horror adventure game that is very cool and also scary, of course. This game was given the name “The Evil Within” released by Bethesda Softwork.

The Evil Within-this Game is almost similar to the Resident Evil and the makers of this game is the same with any Resident Evil IE Shinji Mikami. In this game you will play a role of being a detective who discovers something mysterious and powerful forces. The Detektf suddenly ambushed and unconscious, when she realized she had been in a terrible world where many weird creatures wandering among the corpses.

System Requirements :

  1. Operating System : Windows 7,8,8.1, 10
  2. Processor : Core.I 5 3.3 GHz 
  3. Ram : 4 GB or High
  4. DirectX : Version 11


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