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Game Banished

Free Download PC Game-morning sob Banished this time share-based Simulation games that are cool and light the name Free Download PC Game Banished … already in the know yet what that game Banished? Yes correct this game is a game project which has the theme of city-building simulator, Shining Rock Software as the developer nya. The beginning we are given some residents and also a little building materials or food. And asiknya this game namely, how can we survive or survive with only a few residents, a little food and some building materials. The player has the task to help residents make a prosperous new life and can survive past a few seasons provided by game Banished.

Download Game Tiny Knight Full Version

Free transfer Game small Knight Full Version Repack CODEX – small Knight could be a single-player journey platformer set in a very fantastical world Our very little hero lives in a very peaceful village that comes vulnerable on a fateful night. once seeing your village destroyed, you embarked on on associate degree journey to prevent the mysterious offender from wreaking mayhem upon the remainder of the province. you need to travel through dense forests, navigate caverns and dungeons and cross snowy peaks. However, this can prove most tough, because the mysterious offender isn’t the sole danger you’ll encounter on your journey.

Download PC Game Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Full Version

Free Download PC Game Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Full Version Repack FitGirl, Hope’s Top Academy is the home of Japan’s ideal and also brightest senior high school students– the signs of expect the future. However that hope instantly passes away when Makoto Naegi as well as his classmates find themselves sent to prison in the school, cut off from the outdoors and also based on the impulses of a strange, murderous little bear called Monokuma. He pits the pupils versus each other, promising liberty to any person who can murder a fellow schoolmate and get away with it. It depends on you to find out who Monokuma truly is, and also why you have actually been taken from the globe you when understood. But take care just what you yearn for– often there’s absolutely nothing even more dangerous compared to the truth

Download PC Game Planktos Full Version

Free Download PC Game Full Version-Planktos Morning this time ane will for the genre of Casual game fun the name Free Download PC Game Full Version Planktos is underwater exploration experience. Features and clean up a variety of fish that had become damaged by an unknown crime. Solve challenging puzzles and discover the unique ability of marine life. Help the spirit a little navigating a world that fascinates and releasing trapped in a prison of Crystal Elders. Avoid scary predator and traps in your efforts to save all Elders.

Download Rawlik Only Forward

This time I will share a puzzle game to sharpen your brain.
Rawlik Only Forward PC Full Version. Rawlik Only Forward, is a puzzle game about a small snail named Rawlik.
Your task in this game is to guide the way for Rawlik, so that growing plants on each one, in this game we only allow in take one step (forward only).